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Site updated 3-23-09


This is the exclusive website of the Oil Region Paranormal Investigation Team. O.R.P.I.T. is based out of Venango County Pennsylvania and serves all of Venango County along with surrounding counties as well.
This site has been designed to help inform, guide and give general information about our paranormal investigation team and what we do. Here you will also be able to view some of our findings from investigations that we have done in the area along with contact information if you would like to contact us to do an investigation.

Please take a moment and browse the entire site.

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ORPIT conducted an investigation at a private residence in Union City PA on 3-7-09.  All recordings have been analyzed and the report will be posted as soon as we meet with the client.
Steve Hamilton has been taken off of probationary status and placed in ORPIT as an Investigator.
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Our Mission

It is our mission to provide a professional and serious paranormal investigations to individuals, businesses and property owners all over the Oil Region free of charge.

Becoming a Member

We are not currently accepting applications at this time.

We will be going over past submitted applications soon to fill appropriate positions within the group.

Photo of an old wooden cross at an unmarked cemetery

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Have you captured something that you think may be paranormal?  Would you like to send it to our investigators for review? Click on the submitted items link for info.

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All items located on this web site are the sole property of O.R.P.I.T.  This includes but is not limited to all photos, videos, audio recordings and written text.

None of the above listed items are to be copied or reproduced without the written consent of the O.R.P.I.T. founders.